Our Hanshi Henry Graves, is an 10th degree 
black belt in

Shotokan Karate and has been practicing 
martial arts for over 50 years.

He is President of the 
Tournament of Champions tournaments and on the 
board for the

American Federation of Martial Arts


Hanshi Graves began his training in the martial arts at 
the age of 6 years old. His uncle, a marine lance corporal, 
was one of his teachers in the martial arts.


Jackson Sensei was his mentor and teacher who 
made him see the way or karate-do. He has met and 
trained with some of the best martial artists in the 

Hanshi took up the martial arts so he could develop the 
instincts of  a survivor and build his body. Only later did he 
think about the spiritual and mental part of the martial arts.

Shihan Pat Murphy


From 2005 to 2007, Shihan was inducted into four 
martial arts halls of fame:

Central Florida Hall of 

Southeast Hall of Fame,

American Martial 
Arts Hall of Fame and

Universal Martial Arts

of Fame.

In 2005 Hanshi Henry Graves was awarded the title 
of Shihan by

Professor Pierre.

In the World Karate Championship in Houston, 
Texas in 2007, Shihan received a silver medal in 
sparring, a bronze medal in weapons and kata, and a 
bronze medal in empty hand kata, all at the tender 
age of 50.

In 2014, Hanshi returned to international 
tournaments by winning two bronze medals and one 
gold medal

at the AFMA tournament

in Haiti.

In 2017 he was presented with the high rank of Hanshi (10th degree blackbelt) by Grand Master Vic Moore

Sensei Yanessa Vasquez
Sensei Layla Ocana